New limited edition, hand assembled, CDRs from
Bastille Family Records!
Jazz Colossus CD Cover
Organized as a tribute to the music of Ornette Coleman, Jazz Colossus features the top young jazz talent in Salt Lake City. The format gave them a chance to really stretch out; the music is exciting, creative, uninhibited.
Classic Assholes CD Cover
The long lost (since 1999) recording by Salt Lake City's infamous punk rock band, the Classic Assholes. This studio recording was never released (the band was broke!), but now Bastille Family Records brings this seminal recording to the undiscerning public. As Smoke Blues Band was to the SLC underground in 1970, the Classic Assholes represent the counter culture of SLC in the nineties. Musical anarchism never got this intense! Features the hit tunes: "American Anti-Fascist Family Values", "Dancing NeoLiberals", and "Chelsea Clinton, What a Dipshit". Also included is the live recording by Rev. Willis of "Big Truck", one of the top ten punk rock tunes of all time... Get your copy now before the Assholes drop once again into oblivion...

All CDs (including Smoke Blues Band) available by mail for $12.00, shipping and handling included. Mail check to: Bastille Family Records, % S W Clow, 717 11th Ave., SLC, UT, 84103

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