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Lynette Bastille does jazz that's definitely out there... Rev. Willis proclaims this CD one of the best jazz releases of the '90s, "very adventurous, but connected, get it!" Check out her home page at:

Music from the film, False Promises: The Lost Land of the Wenatchi (Rustin Thompson, White Noise Productions, Seattle, WA), aired on Northwest PBS stations this month, and continues to air regionally. The score features traditional Wenatchi songs by the P'squosa Singers, and Westendorf's compositions for string quartet, trumpet piano, bass and drums.

Check out her home page at:

A great release of Salt Lake City blues from 1970. Check out the Smoke page for more info.

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The history of the Bastille Family and an important essay on true family values. Get it off or contact us at:

More rare and valuable than the most exclusive Olympic with every order...
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