Dynaco tube gear and some other cool stuff will gradually show up here.
Unofficial Dynaco Home Page---lots of info, schemos, and links
Dynaco PAS-3 Preamp and Stereo 70 Amp originally built from kits by me in the mid '60s...renovated with Audio by Van Alstine mods in the mid '90s.
My Dynaco gear on a Sun Workstation stereo rack. The modern is obsolete, the ancient is desirable! A new (Panor Corp.) Dynaco DVD player is on top. An FM-5 is also shown.

My Dynaco (Panor Corp.) tube CD player. This has been a great unit...I dub CDRs to my HHb 850 CDR from the Dynaco's digital out.


1.You can remember the pinouts for 150 tubes but
forget your anniversary.
2.Your wife tells you to turn up the heater and you
ask her how many volts?
3.You make your son keep his solid state amp at his
friends house.
4.You've ever been thrown out of the local land fill
for pillaging old stereo chassis.
5.Your kids think "Plexi'Palace" is the castle at
6.You have more amps than guitars.
7.You've ever used a tube for a guitar slide.
8.There's a set of EL34s' on the mantle next to the
family portrait.
9.None of your tube amps are in their cases.
10.You cry when your kids get you a matched pair of
KT88s' for fathers day.
11.The inside of your Dual-Showman is cleaner than
the inside of your Monte Carlo.
12.You keep an AC30 chassis upside down on top of
the TV.
13.your little girl asks you for an orange and you
say "vintage or reissue?"
14.There are a couple 12AX7s dangling on a string
from your rear-view mirror.
15.You have a pin straightener in your pocket.
16.You can set the bias on your amp but not the
clock on the VCR.
17.You send your boy to his room for using the
"transistor word" in front of guests.
18.You build a tube-type CD player.
19.You can tell the difference between an original
Mullard box and a fake.
20.You know what a Mullard is.
21.Your TV doesn't have a remote control because it
was made in 1952.
22.Your babys' first word is "Pentode".
23.VintageAmps.com is your homepage.
24.You look at your amp more than you play it.
25.You have a Fender name-plate on your keyring.
26.All your amps are facing the wall, so you can see
the tubes.
27.You hear someone say "marshall" on a late-night
western, and you wake up.
28.You fantasize about being a lawman of the old
west, named "Marshall Vox".
29.You wonder why they don't pose girls in bikinis
with amps instead of stupid old sports cars.
30.You read "Tube-Amp Digest" at the nude beach.
31.You have "Plexis'Rule" tatooed somewhere on your body.
32.A tear comes to your eye when you look at the
pictures of Victors workshop.
33.You refuse to listen to a band that uses "solid state" amps.
34.There's a portrait of "Jim Marshall" over your fireplace.
35.Your tube collection is insured with "Loyds of London".
36.There's a 5U4GB wired in place of the blown power
rectifier in your computer.
37.You and the family spend your 2 week vacation
touring the "Marshall factory".
38.You have pictures of your amps in your wallet.
39.You have a "Tubes I need" list in your wallet.
40.You can remember the plate dissipation wattage of
a 6L6GC, but forget to bring home a gallon of milk.
41.You keep a copy of "The Tube Book" in the bathroom.
42.You know who "Aspen Pitman" is.
43.You think 6550s look kinda' sexy.
44.You want to be buried in a SUNN 6x12 cab when you die.
45.You own a $2,500 amplifier and drive a $300 car.
46.Your wife says "is that a tube in your pocket, or
are you just glad to see me?" and it's a tube.
47.You know what year your Magnatone was made, but
you can't remember how old your kids are.
48.You have Altec-Lansing end tables.
49.You think your 1964 Philco phonograph sounds
better than your neighbors $8,000 Pioneer.
50.You dream of winning the lottery and buying out Ampeg.
-Borrowed from a post on the Vintageamps.com BBS
> 11/22/99